The Health Tweeder shakes up the market with the power of social media.

Pixels & Pills was one of the first social-media driven initiatives to engage, track and comment on the healthcare industry. From interviews with the FDA, to blog posts about events and live reporting from the floor, we brought a freshness to the industry. Pixels and Pills was a collaborative effort between Palio and Zemoga. The Health Tweeder was an invention of DJ Edgerton and Guy Mastrion to elevate the discourse around the use of social media in healthcare.

The Health Tweeder was another of those fresh-air moments when a new idea combines with new technology to surprising effect. The Health Tweeder won a Global Award that year in the Website/Banner/Advergame category. It was created to demonstrate the potential of social media to help shape the future of health. It delivered real-time views of Twitter conversations by trusted voices in healthcare. Specific disease states were presented by a dynamic infographic in the form of petri dishes.