With Vocal Pictures, my aim is to minimize overly complex production techniques and focus on maximizing the quality of the story. It's an approach that delivers exactly what is needed and nothing more. My goal is to honor the story with an elegance of craft.

Vocal Pictures: From documentary and narrative work, to brand-defining stories and campaign driven assets, my ambition is to craft an elegant and motivating expression of your idea. The great French Film Director Robert Bresson may have expressed it best;

“It is with something clean and precise that you will force the attention of inattentive eyes and ears.”

The man knew of which he spoke, his work was extraordinary in its restraint and delivers storytelling of unforgettable impact. He remains an inspiration.

If you are unfamiliar with his work and curious to gain insight to his style you may enjoy this compilation produced by The Discarded Image: Robert Bresson – Less is More


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Seeing light is one of of my greatest pleasures in life. It's a gift I look forward to each day. Observing how light interacts with the world around me provides a bit of spiritual renewal. It's also one hell of a teacher. Studying light and color and contrast and shadow and time of day, location, orientation.... these are the ingredients of crafting great images. It's a practice.

I share a range of images on my instagram feed not only in the hopes that others may enjoy them, but also as a kind of catalogue of inspirations. Mostly, I share still images, occasionally video and behind the scenes shots of work in the moment. Mostly, I enjoy sharing what I see in more casual contexts. Cheers.