Dance To Success succeeds with Brandforming and Vocal Pictures

Dancing their way to better grades

I had the pleasure of supporting the work of Professor Sarah DiPasquale at Skidmore College in her quest to help children perform better in school.

The performance was not limited to dance. Dance movement is the vehicle that delivers the benefit of better academic performance. Through a series of choreographed movements, students gain better mind-body connection which in turn supports their ability to maintain focus and improve their learning. Dance to success makes the days more fun and productive for students and teachers alike. In collaboration with Sarah and another colleague we worked to focus the story of Dance to Success, including Sarah's motivation for its creation. The communications program, achieved a place for Dance to Success on PBS Learning Media, making it available free to teachers in K-12.

This piece was shot on the dance stage at Skidmore College. The classroom footage of the children enjoying Dance to Success was provided by the elementary school.