Moving boldly into new areas of medicine requires capabilities, commitment and imagination.

To position Celgene as an emerging force in Oncology when they were just entering the field required making connections to their future as a company on a fast track of growth. The demonstration of a strong commitment was required. Perhaps more than any other area of medicine, Oncologists want to know they have committed partners that will stick by them and their patients. Loyalty is hard won among this group and for good reason.

Innovation comes not only from the new and novel, but also from re-examining older therapies for their highest potential.

It was a bold move, but by carefully studying a legacy therapy like thalidomide, Celgene demonstrated its potential and capabilities in the treatment of cancer. The print campaign asserted Celgene’s commitment, vision and determination.

The convention presence helped physicians see the potential in thalidomide and in Celgene as a strong partner in the fight against cancer.

Extending a brand identity is work that requires careful planning to successfully bridge the earned equity of prior success into new areas. Today Celgene is a well-established and respected partner in cancer treatment.