Skidmore College Management and Business Department identity development

During 2022, the Management & Business Department at Skidmore College noticed a trend among other departments across the campus to develop their own identities for use on social media and around campus. Not to be outdone, the department asked me if I wouldn't mind developing a mark for our use. It was my pleasure to engage with the department in support of this idea. It's unusual among liberal arts colleges to have a management and business program. Skidmore's positioning, Creative Thought Matters, is at the heart of everything we do on campus, no less so in the M&B Department. It was essential to support this idea while also developing a mark unique to the department. This mark plays with graphic shapes of M & B to create an abstraction that is reflective of not only the shapes but also reminds us of flowers, leaves and growth. Organic and dynamic, the interpretation of the form changes with the orientation.