Rafael Holguin

Brand Transformer, Reputation maker

Rafael has spent the last twenty years leading and designing high-visibility branding programs across key industry categories with domestic and global reach.

Most recently Rafael served as SVP Director of the PALIO Design Experience Lab which fused AOR capability with transformational Brand Design and User Experience. His expertise is steering and creating idea-driven design solutions that make a strategic, emotional connection between a product or service and its intended users/audience. Rafael insists on brand-led approaches that resonate beyond just capturing attention so that they actually make the audience engage and extend the whole experience. His insight and clear thinking result in consistently creative solutions for brand and identity/architecture that support all printed, digital, and environmental touch points.

His experience includes both domestic and global brands in healthcare and consumer markets, including Merck, Gilead, Alkermes, BioGen, Eli Lilly, GSK, Cephalon, Fleet Bank, Microsoft, KPMG Peat Marwick, DuPont, Jack Morton Worldwide, Y Brand, AIG Partners Intl., The City of Santo Domingo, Banco Crédito del Perú  CANTV - Venezuela. Today Rafael is heading up Ideography, a boutique Brand consultancy in Saratoga Springs, NY.

When not pitching ideas, you can find Rafael pitching baseballs to his son and standing ovations to his daughter for yet another fantastic theatrical performance.

Rafael, Designer, Dad, Visualist