Jim Zihal

Art Director, Designer, ACE Producer of Ideas

Jim began his career as an illustrator and retoucher. This quickly turned into his own full-service design shop, Zihal Design Inc., located on 52nd and Broadway in NYC. For over 15 years he worked with almost every major advertising agency and countless corporate clients, eventually employing up to 20 designers, illustrators, art directors and photographers. Besides contracting tons of work he was also called upon by many agencies struggling to build a profitable out-of-pocket revenue stream. Successfully helping agencies build workflows and billing structures that translated into improved efficiencies and profitability led Jim to accept a number of director positions inside agencies to extend his impact and further their progress. Zihal Design continues in its service to brands, contracting projects that encompass all aspects of brand development and multimedia campaign executions, including digital tactics, social media integration, direct mail, out of home, point of sale, print, TV, radio, 3d imaging, promotions, entertainment and PR. Jim is an expert in pre-production and production. He has extensive experience procuring vendors for a variety of services, assessing the services and the costs, and then evaluating their value and eligibility. He is a seasoned print buyer and has worked on all types of print projects including web, sheet fed, direct mail and OOH. His creative skill set includes website design, corporate branding, copywriting, art direction, design, illustration, retouching, prototype building and comp assembly. Jim, Hockey dad, Maker of ice, Man of fishing