Erica O’Rouke

Social Media Maven, Digital Strategist, Universal Connector

With a passion for all things digital, Erica O'Rourke began her career developing strategies and supporting the creation of digital brand stories in the pharmaceutical and educational space. Understanding the growth and movement towards the digital market and social media specifically, Erica focused her efforts on bridging traditional methodologies with new media technologies to craft an approach that leverages the strengths of both to create new opportunities for brand success. These days, Erica has integrated her knowledge and experience in digital strategy with the peer-to-peer conversation and influence within the Social space - assisting brands from consumer to Healthcare to take advantage of the new world of Social Media. Erica is principal of Social Radiant, a company she founded to keep brands ahead of the curve and successfully navigating the trends driving Social Media. It is Erica’s passion to help drive positive change in this world that inspires her beliefs and her work ethic. Erica, mother of rescue dogs, red wine taster, gym rat