Brian Corrigan

Commander and Chief of Gaming

Brian has nearly two decades of experience building, architecting, and operating large software properties in the entertainment space. After interacting with hundreds of millions of players, earning billions of dollars in revenue and working with all kinds of different people he still loves nothing more than creating cool things with like-minded people. Brian speaks out a bit. He writes a bit and codes a lot. He is passionate about high-performance teams and talented individuals, and he dislikes needless bureaucracy. Brian is a creator of great experiences in gaming and networks too. He loves designing and shipping products and as founder and CEO of Mad Glory and Odd Networks, he’s got plenty to brag about. Former CTO of Agora Games and Major League Gaming, Brian has earned his stripes from the bottom up,  he's a specialist in Systems Architecture, Javascript & NodeJS, Ruby on Rails, PHP, Data Center Operations, Open Source Evangelist, Database Development, *Nix.

Brian enjoys spending his precious down time with his wife Maureen, their twins Molly and Grady, their young son Charlie and a crazy Bernese named Lucy. He is also fond of things with 6 strings.

Brian, Gamer dad, Network wonk, Wizard of Odd