The most important context is audience mindset.

What moves people moves brands.

Culture is digital, it’s entrepreneurial, lightening fast, it’s critical and searching for truth, meaning and connection. Properly stimulated, your brand materializes as a series of validating moments of engagement, increasing brand value with relevance that helps brands thrive in this deeply connected world.

Brandformology requires a willingness to think of your brand as both bestowing and seeking validation — moments of truth that reflect positively on the consumer and brand alike. These experiences head for the heart and supply brands with the flexibility and aspirational qualities to thrive in communities of engagement.

At the core of human nature is the need for love and acceptance as affirmations of our true self. This need for validation compels our buying decisions. It extends to the other passions and pursuits that affirm our ego and reflect back on us the image we hold of ourselves. These reflections may be thought of as a constant state of energy exchange with the world around us. We create this Ego-energy at the same time we consume it in our constant pursuit of nurturing acceptance.