Michel Dubery

Founder, Strategist, Leader of Ideas

Michel has decades of experience in healthcare, starting as an Registered nurse and progressing through sales and marketing roles in major healthcare and pharma companies including Procter and Gamble, AstraZeneca and Novartis. His final client side role was as Global head of Digital Sales and Marketing at Novartis in Basel.

Michel then moved to the agency side, initially as a strategic planner – including stints at Rapp as Strategy Partner and DDB Health as EU Chief Strategy Officer. He then took leadership roles at GHG Europe and inventive Europe for several years before setting up wethepeople London, wethepeople London came from a growing suspicion that we are killing innovation and creativity in business with over-rationalisation. Michel started looking for answers that really made sense using his broad background of experience to draw on. 

This experience led him to examine the extensive new findings in neurosciences to provide those answers. His experience as a marketer and planner allows him to transform this fascinating science into practical answers to the challenges faced by today’s business.

When Michel isn’t working he’ll be playing guitar badly or riding his motorcycle expertly. Which is probably the right way around.

Michel, Father, Rocker, Revolutionary