Hellene London

Brand Designer, Visual Scientist, Typologist

Hellene is a brand designer and art director with extensive experience making identities and content for high-profile brands. After 15 years designing and managing quality control for some of New York’s biggest agencies including Interbrand, Grey, DraftFCB, AKQA, and DDB, she made a break for it and ventured out under her own steam. Hard work and good fortune, but mostly the hard work, has earned her History Channel, A&E, The Brooklyn Brewery, and Planned Parenthood as clients. Typography is Hellene’s true love. Ask her why and where Akzidenz Grotesque is a superior font to Helvetica and you’d better have a seat.

Hellene is principal of Brand Sciencia, which keeps her pretty busy; if you don’t find her behind the computer it’s because she’s spending time with her husband Glen and their son August… or perhaps pitched in a tent in the BVIs shaking her head to every bad font she comes across.

Hellene, Mother, Camper, Observer of signs