Chuck Greiner

Feet on the ground, head in the C-Suite

From field sales to regional director, to marketing and business unit manager, from national to global responsibilities in the medical technologies and pharmaceutical world, Chuck has proven himself time and again. For over 25 years Chuck has been making great things happen from Pharmacia and Upjohn, to Pfizer and AngioDynamics, Chuck has led the charge building effective and efficient solutions for the brand’s he’s served.

Chuck brings significant product development expertise to every engagement. His experience designing and building marketing programs for breakthrough technologies in anxiety, depression, Parkinson’s, cancer, dialysis and peripheral arterial disease is unparalleled. A leader who puts particular emphasis on marketing from a concise and clear value proposition, Chuck knows how to move the core idea from the marketing plan to field sales so that it effectively delivers on the goals of a brand. In addition to this expertise, Chuck has a broad knowledge of healthcare payor reform and the realities of how reimbursement initiatives are impacting patient care.

A Georgia Bulldawg fan and former football player, Chuck is ready-made for the roll of father to three sport minded boys. When he’s not shagging grounders with his son’s, Chuck enjoys a round of golf and the pleasure of his wife’s company.

Chuck, Life as sport. Fan dad. Techno champion.